Probably the easiest way to wear your TOAST bag. Simply use our signature triangle clip as a top handle and you're good to go. Strap is not needed if you feel like clutch today.


Cross Body

The classical cross body way of wearing our TOAST is a very different experience from wearing a "normal" cross body bag.TOAST stays close to your body, is supremely comfortable to wear and all without feeling any movement or uncomfortable pulling that comes with a standard cross body bag. Clip the leather strap in the triangle carabiner and you're all set. Don't open the studs to use the d-ring to fix the strap this is not how the bag was designed. You will not have the real TOAST experience if you do so.



Transform your TOAST into a trendy belt bag with a few easy steps. Simply remove the shorter part of the strap by opening the buckle. Clip the loop end of the remaining strap in the triangle, wrap the strap around your waist, thread the lose end of the strap through the triangle and fix it with the intended stud. VOILA your TOAST just became a bum bag.


Clip It

Thanks to our signature triangle carabiner you can clip your TOAST where ever you want. On you belt, in your belt loop, on your coat or on a bigger bag. It's up to you!