The story behind our design

The Rio Shoulder Bag was named after the lively Husky puppy called Rio, who had been up to a rough start into the world. She was born into a breeding station, where animals are kept under dreadful conditions, with no loving care. The weak and injured Rio was rescued and brought to an animal shelter.

WEAT founder Nina Sieber, who has been actively involved in animal welfare for years, adopted Rio. The puppy has been granted a second chance in life. Countless numbers of dogs share a less fortunate fate waiting to find a new home.

Inspired by her strength and courage, Rio has lent her name to the latest design in our collection.

Forever in love: A true companion

Fusing timeless elegance and fashionable details, the Rio Shoulder Bag is made to accompany you day in, day out. With a structured look and feel, the bag features our iconic metal triangle, a detachable shoulder strap, 14k plated chunky biker chain, alongside optional stylish resin chains to offer various styling possibilities.

We(at) cares: For a good cause

It is our ambitious endeavor to support animal protection. Get your hands on the Rio Shoulder Bag: 10% of the net proceeds will be donated to a selected animal welfare organization.


Rio Shoulder Bags

Rio Shoulder Bag MatchaRio Shoulder Bag Matcha
Rio Shoulder Bag LatteRio Shoulder Bag Latte
Rio Shoulder Bag SorbetRio Shoulder Bag Sorbet
Big Rio Shoulder Bag OceanaBig Rio Shoulder Bag Oceana

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Become part of our meaningful journey by supporting our vision to provide a better future for stray dogs.